Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back to Work!!!!

Good evening guys! Well after another sleepless night Jack finally woke up this morning after a few worrying days and seemed well enough to venture out so I could go and work Java. Non the worse for her unplanned few days off she shouted over the gate to me, which was quite nice. I have to admit, after not mucking out for 3 days I got quite excited when I drove into the yard and saw that her stable needed doing!!!!
Opting for a fairly easy session in the school we worked for 30 minutes on transitions and circles/ bending. After our Yogi session we were left with plenty of ideas for exercises which we did a number of. I have come to realise that these exercises are so essential when it comes to training after a long time of knowing but avoiding the situation.  Think of a race ride or qualifier. Having a soft balanced horse through increase/ decrease of pace, through turns and differing terrain dramatically reduces the risk of injury and although you can not prevent all risks you can certainly improve your chances! So we worked quietly in the school for 30 minutes and then Java enjoyed a sports massage.
Jack has stayed with granny tonight and already I have had a phone call to let me know that he has eaten all his dinner (finally after 3 days of hardly a bean) and that he is tucked up in bed having said good night to the combine and tractors coming home for the night across the road. So hopefully a good nights sleep and an early start tomorrow. My id stickers arrived today for my big metal travel trunk that will accompany Java to the US along with a contents list. So I suppose over the next few days it would be an idea to begin thinking about what is going inside it. Must remember to fit the saddle in!!!!!
See you tomorrow.

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