Friday, 10 September 2010

One more session to go...

So yesterday we cantered the 1st loop (32km) and set up a mock Vet Gate. The sun was out and it was perfect weather for training. Using the field I mentioned in an earlier post I managed to make one circuit 5km. Starting at 18kph we increased up to 22kph and she felt really strong. You really feel her get into her cruising pace after about 10km and then onwards and upwards! Well at least that is the plan!
So other than a short interval session tomorrow thats it- training here is done. I do really want to be there now in stables. The sleepless nights are getting a bit of a drag now. 1am, 2am running through VGs, the start, and of course the finish!
I was informed yesterday that the kit which was transported by boat arrived safely 10 days ago, which is good. We will send the remaining kit with the horse.
So we are getting remarkably close really. One week today and I will be on a plane with Garry and the other riders and a few grooms. Gosh...
I have out the link on for the ride information so that you can have a look at the route, VG and timings.

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