Thursday, 23 September 2010

Harvest Moon!

Today is the first full day of the 'Fall' and tonight we watched the harvest moon rise over the Horse Park. The weather has still remained in the mid 90's but the forecast and locals still inform us that it is going to break and by Sunday we shall have showers and highs of mid 70's. I shall not hold my breath though- it has supposed to have been breaking for three days now but no sight of it yet. There are so many forecasts for Sunday from showers and in the 70's to haevy rain for the duration and in the 60's, so who knows- the big man upstairs I guess!!!!!!
I apologise for not updating yesterday but I my computer decided that it did not like any of the networks available here and it wanted to sleep instead but here we are today!
A busy day for Java saw her new go faster tyres fitted (new shoes) so now we have maximum grip on this dry hard going, with provisions for the flooding if it should occur! I was told today by a local that if we have thunder and lightning the race will be stopped immediately- well I shan't argue with that- the reasoning, that so many people have been fatally hit by lightening!!!!! So lets hope we just have showers... Gavin is here also so he set straight to work with the horses too.
Java worked well today, cruising around the training track in the heat of the day, dodging around the Cross Country fences that keep appearing in all sorts of places.
The TV helicopter was also buzzing around most of the day, which makes it all so much more real!

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