Saturday, 25 September 2010

This is it!!!!!!!

The team is set and ready to go. All horses past vetting today with flying colours and the team of four is:
Me and Java
Ros Jackson and Naz
Chris and Midday
David and Haszar
Sarah and Winston

The weather has finally cooled down today and is supposed to be slightly cooler tomorrow. We have recieved our crewing vehicles curtosy of Land Rover.
So at 12.30pm GMT (25th) we will be underway and you can catch the race on tracker via which I have also put into the links page.
Java is set and ready for the off after a quiet day today. We plan to walk to the start at around 6.45am (11.45GMT) to the warm up area. There is quite a long walk to the start from the stables.
There is not really much more to say other than Thank you for all your messages over the past few days wishing us all Good Luck, and hopefully we can relay some good news tomorrow but you will have to stay up late!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hiya Becs. Looking good so far. Spag Bog for the boy and Dada last night. Only clean plates left. I fear your time zones are slightly awry. I thought you were 5 hours behind us in Lexington as we are still on BST. That being the case the start will be 1230 BST or 1130 GMT. You will be walking out at 1145 BST. Sorry to be pedantic but I don't want to switch on the tracker to find out you started an hour earlier, and we have a grasstrack meeting to fit in.
    Go to it Bec, for Queen, Country, and Jack. Just do the best you can. Good luck to all.
    XXX. x - (jack's).