Saturday, 18 September 2010

Its 89 degrees and we are HERE!!!!!

After a long journey via Philidelphia we landed in Cincinatti at 7.30pm, local time and arrived at the Hotel at around 9.30pm.
We have been down to the Kentucky Horse Park and taken our first glimse of the surroundings and the set up and boy its incredible!!!!!! As the games are not due to open until Saturday their is still work going on around the Park but amongst all of that endurance horses train and dressage horses work and the arrivals are ongoing.
The surroundings are fantastic with rolling landscape as far as the eye can see, and more white post and rail fencing than anyone could imagine.
The horses arrived safely this evening on the trailer (American style) transport and look fantastic. Three tailers arrived carrying our horses, other endurance horses and some dressage horses.
 All have travelled well and walked out after half an hour settling in. We have an arena to work in and a training track, and these areas have to be adhered to. Fed, and watered we left them to have some rest and will return in the morning. Some crew are staying out at the park and they will do the late night checks.
Thanks to Phil Hirst, Lisa Davenport, Hugh and of course Pedens for getting them here in such good condition.
I did have some tears of dis-belief when we followed the trailers into the Park as they arrived from the airport- but hey I think thats ok, dont you?
Catch up tomorrow when they have had a full day with us.

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  1. It has brought tears to my eyes reading your blogg. What an amazing experience - take it all in Becky. Jackie W