Monday, 13 September 2010

Nearly packed!

So, here we go! Finally the day of our first stage of getting to Kentucky dawns. Just a few more things to do- packing lists, quarantine feeds and horse to wash. So early morning tomorrow, drop Jack at nursery and to work. We plan to hit the road at about 10am and head onto Dover to drop Java off at her overnight stables with her team mates.
Final session today went well- walk (well jogging really), trot, canter just to check everything is working correctly. So finally the wait is nearly over- and everything seems well!
I have boxes, bags and more boxes in side my trunk, with lists everywhere of what is in each box/ bag. Its a funny thing really as you do in fact take much less with you than when you are competing here. All our crewing stuff will be purchased there due to limited space.
Took my saddle apart and changed my girth straps to a patriotic white whilst Jack scrubbed the saddle clean with water and soap- what a fantastic job he did! I do have a picture but am having trouble downloading it- modern technology ehh!!!!!! I will keep trying as it will bring a smile to you all.
So off we go-nearly!


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