Monday, 20 September 2010

Riding at last!

The horses have now been with us for 48 hours and are all very well. There are no turn out factilities as it would be logistically impossible but between the riding work and walking out in hand they are out the stables for the majority of the daytime. All the horses are good and being ridden stepping up the pace today and again tomorrow. It is incredibly  hot during the day and drops quite cold at night. In fact I sat outside the stables today and thought that this could be the hottest place I have been to compete, including the desert! It is not an unpleasant heat but boy is it hot. Kentucky has had an unusually dry, hot summer this year but I believe it is due to break over the next day or two and drop to highs of 29 degrees and lows of 17 degrees.
We have a training loop  which is approximately 10kms and a lolly-pop route out through the back of the main area with the ground mainly grass- well we are in Blue Grass country!
The dressage horses are here and training and they are amazing. Mind you when we meet on the track the ginormous , majestic steeds look at our tiny colourful athletes with a look of bemusement- it is quite funny!
So all is well and preparation is coming along. Everyone is in good spirits and the race is now creeping up on us.

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