Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Shes Gone!

So we took Java down to Dover yesterday and they loaded and left Parkers at around 7.30am this morning and last I heard they were in Belgium. All the horses looked good and ready to go and it seemed that all knew the protocol. I await news of their loading and will report back!
Those of you who know Java will more than understand how special this little pony is. Well this time last year I posted a message on the forum to let everyone know she had left for Italy and it is amazing that here I am again, frog in throat just as before letting you all know she has now left for Kentucky! I will keep you all posted on progress but for now take a look at the photos we took during her first leg of her furthest journey yet!
Enjoy- and of course Jack came too and waved and said bye-bye to all the horses as they loaded!

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