Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Don't worry about the un-expected!

So today Javas training has halted slightly. I am stuck in the house with Jack who has been very unwell over the past 24 hours. So Java has a day mouching around her paddock all snuggly in her rugs. The key when the un-expected happens is not to get too worked up about it. Training plans very often have to be altered along the way. I have to be honest here, although I have set out Javas program it does vary around that depending on how she feels and how she is day to day. This is the case with all of them really. I think this is a really important thing to be able to do as there is nothing worse than looking at a horse in the morning and it looking a little off or even when you have begun to work them they perhaps feel alittle off, and piling on a heavy training seesion just because you have planned it on that day. Very often you will cause more off days than allowing your horse to get over its off day and even perhaps allowing them a couple of days and then returning to your training. I hope this all makes sense!!!!!
So anyway although it is not Java thats off my plans have had to change today and hoping that we can return to work tomorrow hopefully we can have a good training session tomorrow. The plan tomorrow would be a high intensity interval session as she did Saturday. It is nearly tapering time, i.e reducing the work load in the run up to the travel.
So thats today.... and again the sun is shining!!!!!!!! But hey ho I get to clean my house instead!!!!!!

See you tomorrow 

Saturday, 28 August 2010

The sun has been out.... and it was rest day!!!!!!!

Finally the sun was shining this morning and although the wind was still coming from a northern direction it was warm in the sun. Typical really as today was a rest day! Managed to get Java out this morning without her rugs for a while. So our rest day was taken up by fencing the final part of the paddocks we have recently moved the horses to. We are very lucky as it backs straight onto the forest.
So back to the job in hand, who will be the guys that will travel to Kentucky with me and Java.
The Driver- my husband Garry.  
Garry has taken over from pops, which is great but I do like Dad to be about and the two of them work really well together, but for Kentucky Garry has been promoted to chief course crew and driver. Although he has not been crewing for a vast number of years he is fantastic both out on course and in the Vet Gates. Well he has had a good teacher- my Dad!
Vet Gate Crew and head girl!
Rachel Stendall, 28 has been with us for many years now, riding a couple of horses for me when I was at University. Gosh thats a fair while! Rachel broke Java in and rode her through her qualifications. Since then she has raced Mayday, our 2nd horse, in FEI and we are currently strating Rachs FEI qualifications with another horse, stable name Dink. I trust Rachel to take care of pretty much everything whilst we are in Kentucky, which allows me to prepare myself to the best I can.
Although Rachel has not been to a WEG before, she travelled to the Europeans i Italy last year in the same role.
Her little boy Charlie is just turning 4 and I am sure will be riding the horses with Jack very soon!
Course and Vet Gate and shadow head girl!
Sarah Marrener is from Devon and has been involved with endurance nearly as long as me. Working in the middle east she has gained alot of International experience both riding and crewing. It will be Sarahs 1st WEG but I have complete faith that it will not overwhelm her.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Another day down!

Well just got in from putting Javas 2nd rug on of the evening and tucked her into her stable. It is amazing how the weather changes her demeaner! She really does like to be toasty.
I think she is quite overwhelmed with the amount of food which she has placed in front of her each day but manages to eat it all!!!!! Jazz is here with her at the moment and the rest of the gang are 2 miles down the road with the babies. So the lectures are 9am before work and Java has an intense de-brief every day! Well we have to humour the old man. I am not sure what J azz would say if he knew Java had taken part in Yogi Briesners masterclass at the YR camp last week- but we will keep that one quiet!
Anyway, PJ's on all round and time for bed!

28 Days to go!!!!!!

With 28 days to go until the Games open, Java and I are hard in training ready for our trip to the US.
Horses fly on 15th September
Me and Garry fly on 17th September arrive in Cincinnati on 18th
Rachel and Sarah fly on 21st September arrive in Cincinnati on 22nd
Games open 25th September
Pre-ride vetting 25th September
Race starts at 7am on 26th September
Best Condition on 27th September