Friday, 3 September 2010


Ok I have had an idea! If anyone out there would like to throw questions in my direction I will do my best to answer them and post them on the blog. Any questions of interest about WEG training, preparation for travel and race or even what my favourite colour is!!!!! This is a blog for you guys out there so get thinking!
Talk soon!


  1. well we all know what colour you DON'T like to race in....even if you end up freezing to death rather than wear it!! J xx

  2. Well I think freezing to death paid off!!!!! I know I get very upset with the guys who number the horses if they come anywhere near with a green pen- even at Championships!!!!!!!

  3. Dan and I had a question when we saw the entry list !

    Whats your game plan for the mass start with 168 horses ?

  4. It is quite daunting for anyone who has not started with this many horses. As a rider it is really important that you arementally in the right place before you begin ie 'in the zone.' I personally begin this process the night before. Also it is important to be aware of horses around you and their behaviour- stay away from the ones that are kicking or looking out of control! You will have an idea of where in the pack you want to start so put yourself there. Other than that ride forward and when in a team use it to your teams advantage.
    Hope that helps. This one will be better as it will not be dark. Its always entertaining when its dark!