Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Well I have to say, never before have I received the amount and content of information that we have been sent today. Maps, times, speeds etc, everything you could wish for from the organising committee. So the homework begins, well continues! The course has changed from the routes we were shown from last year which is better as the 1st loop has altered from 27km to 37km. Obviously someone decided that it may deteriorate the field somewhat with a VG less than 20miles from the start. The course is technical and I believe will have a higher attrition rate than expected, but time will tell. More info can be found on the EGB website regarding the course.
We have also been sent a detailed itinerary of the horse travel teeling us how and when things will happen. I do have to say I have never recieved so much info before. So those of you who want to wake up in the middle of the night on Wednesday 16th (ha ha!!!) the horses begin loading at 2am European time and take off at 6am. I may be waking up!!!!!!
Anyway must go as last training session tomorrow with her ladyship! Will let you know tomorrow how it went.
See you tomorrow.

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