Friday, 24 September 2010

Kick off tomorrow...

...or today by the time most of you read this!
Final preparations are well underway now with the vet gate set up, staking our claim on our piece of Kentucky- low betide anyone who comes near. Our land being protected by a rota of team members throughout the day we maintained our position to the left of the pre-vet area mid-way between the time in gate and the vet in gate. It has been clarified today that we are using the HR monitor system for the first heart rate and sethoscope method for the rideway test HR. The FEI staff are being very strict and have made it very clear that there is no room for unfair play and that if we should do so a yellow card will be issued and will be followed by a red if unfair play continues. This should mean- and I quote- that 'everyone will be on an equal playing field'
Riders will carry GPS tracking devices to allow spectators and home viewers to locate us during the race so tomorrow we will be given the link and I shall place it on here for you.
So vetting will commence at 9am here- 2pm GMT, and the team have to be declared at 1pm here- 6pm GMT. For vetting we shall be wearing our formal Team GBR uniforms, and horses wearing their Team GBR Thermatex, sponsored by Thermatex. Bridles have been sponsored by Zoe Lindopp and all look very smart. Team GBR Range Rovers are being sponsored by Landrover and we will get ours in the morning ready to load up for the crewing out on course.
Mixed emotions have run through the camp today when the hardest thing any rider has to deal with was brought to ahead. We unfortnately had a horse pulled from the team today. Roxanne ridden by Janice Cockley Adams was not quite right this morning and the managment made the very difficult decision to replace her with the Team rider Sarah Rogerson and local horse owned and trained by Stagg and Cheryl Newman. So whilst we all feel for Janice and her crew we welcome Sarah and hers. The main is to keep focused on the job in hand although very difficult.
The rain finally came today and boy we got soaked. After uncovering a natural spring in one of our store stables we decided that hopefully its good luck. Water appeared during the rain shower and made its way like a torrent into the centre of the stables and was redirected by us towards Sweden. The only problem was it kept coming and coming. So after invetigation in Spain, who backs onto us, it was discovered that the water was mysteriously coming up from the ground. I am not sure how the story finishes as I left but last I knew it was still gushing into Sweden and out the other side!
We have now moved into the team hotel down in Gerogetown and remain here until our departure date so are now much closer to the Horse Park, although the shuttle buses are on time and the drivers are very helpful.
The press are now straing to appear with radio interviews today- BBC Radio Nottingham which should be transmitted during Saturday 24th so any of you in Nottinghamshire, keep your ears pealed!!!!!!
So I will retire to my comfy bed and prepare to dress up in the morning. Night Night and keep your eye out for the link to the tracking website being provided by Raddery.

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  1. Hi Becs. Jack was up early today, (Sat) waiting with bated breath for the next edition of your now famous blog. Great pictures and concise message so we don't have to spend too long reading it. Thomas the Tank sends his regards, he seems to have been practising all night. I think he can go out with the dog tonight and only one of them will be coming back in.
    What's that Thomas? No you can't, now shut it.
    We hope all is well in the Team BB-B camp, Jazz keeps trying to get in the kitchen so he can see the blog pictures of his favourite lady. He is firmly convinced he now lives in Coventry due to the lack of his harem to talk to. I made the mistake of putting that frog in Jack's bed last night and after he had been upstairs for 10 minutes I could here a croak of "Old McDonald Farm" every minute or so and it gradually speeded up to normal tempo. When I went into his bedroom he was fast asleep, allegedly, but "OMF" rendering equipment was transferred to the ground floor which did the trick.
    We are now confused as to which day the ride is. I thought it was today, Saturday 25th, but you told me the other day it is Monday. Please clarify as Jack and I have a full social calendar for this weekend so we may be able to fit in your hack around the One Tooth State but we will need to put you in the diary.
    Love to you all, Jack and Grumpa.(Not missing anybody yet). PS Spag Bog for T, a la Cafe Grumps. TTFN.