Friday, 27 August 2010

Another day down!

Well just got in from putting Javas 2nd rug on of the evening and tucked her into her stable. It is amazing how the weather changes her demeaner! She really does like to be toasty.
I think she is quite overwhelmed with the amount of food which she has placed in front of her each day but manages to eat it all!!!!! Jazz is here with her at the moment and the rest of the gang are 2 miles down the road with the babies. So the lectures are 9am before work and Java has an intense de-brief every day! Well we have to humour the old man. I am not sure what J azz would say if he knew Java had taken part in Yogi Briesners masterclass at the YR camp last week- but we will keep that one quiet!
Anyway, PJ's on all round and time for bed!

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